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Did You Know?

  • Uninsured/underinsured auto coverage’s pertain to bodily injury only, NOT damage to your car.
  • Damage to your car while making pizza deliveries (or other deliveries) may be excluded.
  • Rental car companies are now charging customers for lowered value of their rental cars if they are damaged in a collision (diminished value). Purchasing the “physical damage waiver” from them can prevent this exposure as the personal auto policy would NOT pay for this.
  • Are you and your spouse BOTH listed as “named insured’s” on your policies? If not, there are some exposures…
  • Did you know every year over 15,000 dryer-related fires occur? Proper maintenance can prevent these.
  • Identity theft is on the rise. Many home and auto insurance companies are offering some form of coverage for this exposure, does yours?
  • Home Daycare coverage is automatically excluded on many home insurance policies.
  • The age of your A/C, furnace, roof, wiring, etc. can make a difference on your rates with some carriers.
  • If your basement is unfinished you may still need a high limit on your water/sewer back-up endorsement. Think about all the items you store down there or your furnace and hot water heater. They could be damaged as well from this type of loss.